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Writing your story for submission is our favorite pass time. We research, write and submit your story to online and print magazines, blogs and more.

Need some fresh words for your website or newsletter ? Get in touch, we love finding out about your story and telling people all about it !

Got a project that needs fleshing out- call us, creative is our middle name. We add life to your visions, soul to your project and heart to your expressions.

Case Studies

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Published Essay

Oz Arts Magazine WINTER 2016

Zoe Jerrat Varuna

SHORT STORY- Creative Non-Fiction


Man and the Machine
Continued on page below
man &m page2

Gaungan and Balugan is a YA story, a work in progress, based on the Stolen Generation and true stories of Kinchella Boys Home, told to me by Uncle Barlou Marshall RIP
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