Project Management

Need some extra funding to get your community project off the ground ? We specialise in writing applications and succeed in receiving grants and guiding you through to acquittal.

Life is full of special events, need help with your event planning ? We know the region and can take care of your event planning requirements, entertainment, venues, stylists and more.

Need assistance producing your creative project ? Our services offer management, fundraising, sponsorship and communications to bring your project into the public domain.

Business Development

Ding Dang Doo-Escape

  • Build website CRM and PMS
  • Create and design packages and visual content
  • Coordinate annual open day event, monthly onsite viewings, sales and bookings, vendor coordination, partnership and hit KPIs for annual revenue targets
  • Create marketing timeline, socials content and monthly newsletter WEBLINK

Case Studies

Leura Garage- networking mingle

Manage networking event and Closed Loop composting launch. Develop a three phase communication timeline to ensure media, government and Industry stakeholders attend event. Organise dissemination of digital assets via socials and media contacts, eDM. Manage speakers, guest registration, follow up, editorial, press release and event photography

Blackheath General Store events calendar 2020

Create event calendar for general store, introduce program at launch event, eventbrite ticketing, eDM and website content creation, funding grant ( awarded) , event planning budget, marketing calendar and strategy setup, socials.


TREASURES dance project by Janelle Randall Court

Socials, create proposal and presentation for Blue Lab Symposium, create Janelle RC site, digital assets, apply for funding (awarded), eDM. Assist in creation of digital assets, website content, documentation.

 ZOYZ Label Launch, Brisbane Powerhouse

Assist designer ZOYZ to organise and promote Runway launch event. Create press release, liaise with organisers, venue, models, sound producer, eDM LINK TO CAMPAIGN, Linked In Articles, Photography, media kit.

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